open air photobooth

 The Love Box 

The Booth: This is a custom made aluminum Photo Booth made by a professional craftsman. Mahalo’s Goro, you da man!

The Camera: We use Canon professional line of cameras & lenses, to ensure the highest photo quality.

The Lighting: We use professional studio strobes or Canon speedlights for a mobile and compact design.

The Software & Hardware: The photo booth program and OS is run on an Apple Macbook Air with an iPad for a touch interface.

The Photos: You will have the choice of selecting the standard double 2 × 6 photostrips or a single 4 × 6 print. All photos are printed with professional grade, high speed, dye sublimation printer. A special UV film is heat fused to prevent fading from sunlight and are water, and fingerprint resistant. Prints are created in less than 10 seconds. more information on packages and services.

The Open Air Design & Concept: It’s a modern design to fit into any venue or event. With no walls or restrictions, there is more open space you can get more people in the photo, more people = more FUN! the booths height can be adjusted for shooting kids to adults. Additional lighting can be also added, from wireless strobes to professional studio soft boxes. the best part is the background,  a 6′ x 8′ backdrop with many different backgrounds to choose from. you can use almost anything as background, sky it the limit, literally.


The Operator

the operator

Hawaii Wedding Photographer: shooting weddings we’re always ready to capture the moment, photo booths are another way to do this. In just a few shots, 3 or 4, we want to be a part of telling your story. It doesn’t have to be only on your wedding day. It can be at any event or occasion like a 1st birthday, the big promotion, a store grand opening, 50th anniversary party, or any other special event. We want to make it fun for you and your guests. In a photo you will be able to take a piece of that moment home with you.

Find out more about the operator: Complete bio here on bradyoshiro.com.